Whipped Body Butter 
Traditional body care products are created with harsh chemicals , preservatives and parabens. Balanced Body Butters are a natural plant-based alternative that provides the moisture and hydration your skin needs , without the extra stuff. Our butter is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. We start by sourcing our Shea and Mango butters straight from Ghana and Indonesia . Our butter contains plant derived oils and butters that are melted whipped to a creamy texture for an amazing application.
Cold Process Soap 
Its combination of chemistry and creativity requires attention to detail and time as opposed to other soap making techniques.  Each batch is  handmade,  cured for at least four weeks and cut . Cold process soap has no detergents that will strip you of your natural oils. Our formulations are inspired by holistic remedies and the earth around us .
We use natural colorants and botanicals so we don’t have to add any artificial colourings or additives. Our soap bars are made with an exclusive blend of butters and oils to create super conditioning, and nourishing soap that has a creamy lather.  At Balanced we’re devoted to  using only 100% natural, eco friendly,  cruelty-free ingredients so you won’t find any  parabens, synthetics or palm oil in our products.