Our Story 

Hello ! I am Ashley Paulino the owner of Balanced . Balanced Cosmetics started as a simple desire  to feel like my highest self while creating and sharing natural products with the world . About 7 years ago when I started my natural journey , I found myself buying and using products that I  had no idea what they consisted of. Another major factor that inspired my development was that my sister was suffering from eczema and I was suffering from skin inflammation.  Unfortunately,  these products we used were not only damaging to our bodies ,  but also the environment .  I took matters into my own hands and began researching and experimenting. 
All of the information I gathered and my experiences lead me to my decision to start a business. Balanced was inspired by the traditions and cultural remedies of holistic practices. Spiritual balance originates from the connection of the mind, body and soul . This is a concept in holistic health that aids in healing and selfcare. 
Health is Wealth and what better way to take care of our bodies or temples than with the best ingredients. Start practicing self care because you deserve only the best !  Your body will thank you when you make the switch to natural products! 
Currently,  I am running my small business while earning my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Biology Education. This aspect of my life is extremely essential to me and my business since it is a foundation of knowledge that I hope to apply in the future. 
As my business grows I  hope to use my platform to bring awareness to  sustainability and social injustices . In addition to,  educating myself more on sustainable practices so I can better incorporate it into the brand. As we grow, we will be making donations to organizations that help protect/support people and the planet. We believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.   

Our Mission 


Our mission is to provide a small batch , Handcrafted Self Care that is Natural. For  a world where…  Self Care is a priority. We want everyone to feel confident and safe in their own skin , while using the natural products !

All Balanced products are unique and handcrafted,  in small batches by our team with love . We are committed to providing the best quality. Purchasing from us leaves a positive impact on the community and those suppliers and other small businesses who we support. 
Natural/ Non Toxic / Clean / Raw Ingredients 
All products are made with plant oils , butters, essential oils and botanicals . Our Shea and Mango butter are fair sourced directly from Ghana and Indonesia . The best part of these products is that they are free of parabens, palm oil, silicones, and harsh chemicals!  Vegan and Eco-friendly ! 
Conscious Consumption/Education 
We believe that people should be more aware of what they are using. After all your skin is the largest organ in your body that absorbs everything. Know exactly what's in your products with ingredients that you can pronounce! In addition to using Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.